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New “Pizza Valet” Curbside Delivery Service for Carry-Out Customers

Noble Roman’s new curbside delivery service for carry-out customers is designed to create added value and convenience for its carry-out customers. Customers calling in carry-out orders are invited to park in designated parking spaces in front of the restaurant, where employee Pizza Valets hustle orders out quickly and conveniently without the guest having to step out of their vehicle. Payments are handled on the phone during the ordering process for maximum convenience, or Pizza Valets can take credit card payments on their mobile payment device at the car.

According to Scott Mobley, president and CEO of Noble Roman’s, “We are very excited about our curbside delivery program, which is new and revolutionary in the pizza segment. Carry-out customers enjoy a new level of convenience, and we can ‘wow’ them with our friendliness, speed and efficiency. It is a great service for any day, but a particularly convenient one on cold, rainy or snowy days when a guest might otherwise be less inclined to order for carry-out. We have begun testing this new service at our Fishers location; after gaining a little experience with it there we will gradually roll it out to all four of our company-operated Craft Pizza & Pub locations.”

To make the process as fast and efficient as possible, a new Pizza Valet staging area was worked into a corner of the restaurant near the front exit. Food runners rush completed curbside carry-out orders to insulated hot bags in the forward staging area so that Pizza Valets can deliver fresh, hot food to guests right as they pull in. Parking spots are set up with reserved sign posts in the afternoon and removed after the service ends that night. According to Mobley, “For now, we are offering our Pizza Valet service from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm every night, seven days a week. Based on demand and usage, we will have the option to expand the service to other hours as we continue to develop the program.” Mobley noted that guests have been very pleased with the service so far: “A great testament to how well this service is being received shows up in the appreciation our guests are showing our Pizza Valets. This past Friday night, for example, valets were earning over $25 and hour in extra tips!”

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